holiday nail inpso 2023 featured

T‘is the season to sparkle and shine, and what better way to express the festive spirit than through the joy of holiday nails? Amid the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, adding a touch of flair to your look with vibrant and creative nail designs is a delightful way to celebrate. Whether it’s a classic red or a shimmering gold, the possibilities are endless. To achieve the most stunning holiday nail looks, it’s essential to have the right tools at your fingertips. From precision brushes to high-quality nail files, our roundup of the top 10 favorite nail care tools ensures that your holiday manicure and pedicure experience is not only fun but also flawless. Get ready to sleigh the season with perfectly polished nails that reflect the magic of the holidays!

Our top ten favorite Nail Care Product for 2023

1. Christmas Coffin Press on Nails

We have no idea why these are called “Christmas Coffin…” but we dont question too much, all we know is we are crushing hard on these juicy, fun, holiday themed press-ons. These are easy to apply, stay on for ages and look sooo good. Maybe they have coffin in the name because they slay.

Christmas press on nails

2. Nail Clippers and Files

The foundation of any good nail care routine begins with the basics. High-quality nail clippers and files are essential for maintaining the shape and length of your nails. Invest in a durable pair of clippers and a fine-grit file to shape your nails smoothly without causing damage. We always look for products that look as good as they perform and this kit looks so good in our room, it fits the vibe.

nail kit

3. Cuticle Oil

Nourishing your cuticles is crucial for healthy nail growth. Cuticle oil hydrates and softens the skin around your nails, preventing painful hangnails and promoting a polished look. Choose a product enriched with vitamins and natural oils to keep your cuticles in top condition. We love OPI products, they were the first brand we ever fell in love with so we have so much brand loyalty.


4. Base Coat & Strengthener

Before applying your favorite nail polish, don’t forget the importance of a reliable base coat. This product not only provides a smooth surface for your polish but also protects your nails from potential staining. Look for a base coat with strengthening ingredients to fortify your nails. Here is our pick, OPI again, we are fan girls!


5. Nail Polish Remover

Regularly changing your nail color is a fun way to express yourself, but it’s essential to use a gentle yet effective nail polish remover. Opt for acetone-free formulas to prevent drying out your nails and cuticles. Consider investing in a remover with added moisturizing agents for extra care.


6. Hand Cream

Healthy nails start with healthy hands. A nourishing hand cream helps keep your skin hydrated, preventing dryness and promoting overall hand health. Choose a cream with ingredients like shea butter or glycerin for intense moisturization. We love how pretty the cherry blossoms look on this tube, it’s not holiday themed but it kinda works.


7. Nail Buffer

For a glossy, salon-quality finish, add a nail buffer to your arsenal. Buffing your nails not only creates a smooth surface for polish application but also enhances blood circulation to the nail bed, promoting natural shine.


8. Top Coat

Seal in your nail color and add a protective layer with a high-quality top coat. This final step not only extends the life of your manicure but also provides an extra layer of defense against chips and scratches.


9. Nail Brush

Maintain clean and healthy nails by incorporating a nail brush into your routine. Regularly scrubbing your nails helps remove dirt and debris, preventing infections and promoting a polished appearance.


10. Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher is a handy tool for gently pushing back your cuticles, creating a clean and well-groomed look. Use this tool after applying cuticle oil to avoid any discomfort and promote a neat nail appearance.


Elevating your nail care routine is a simple yet effective way to pamper yourself and showcase your personal style. By incorporating these top 10 must-have products into your regimen, you’ll be well on your way to achieving healthy, gorgeous nails that command attention. Remember, consistency is key, so make nail care a regular part of your self-care routine for long-lasting, beautiful results.